Transport Malta publish Commercial Yachting Notice 11: Manning Guidelines during lay-up and/or wintering periods.


Section 17 of the Malta Commercial Yacht Code determines the minimum safe manning requirements and the minimum level of crew certification. Yachts over 24m are to carry a Minimum Safe Manning Certificate on board and yachts under 24m are to follow the minimum safe manning scales that are provided in the said CYC.

When a commercial yacht is non-operational and is laid up and/or wintering at berth, the number of crew members may be reduced below the minimum safe manning levels provided that a Risk Assessment is carried out by the yacht’s Master.

The Risk assessment is to ensure that:

  • the necessary maintenance on board can still be carried out. For yachts over 500 GT consideration is to be made to ensuring the safety management system (SMS) is operational and maintained;
  • the crew remaining on board can handle any possible emergencies that could occur;
  • the ship security plan (SSP) can be maintained as necessary;
  • maximum hours of work and minimum hours of rest remain compliant with MLC requirements;
  • compliance ensured with any requirements imposed by local port authorities and/or yacht’s insurance;
  • full assistance provided during any unannounced Port State Control inspection.

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