The past years have witnessed significant legal developments with regard to yachting in Malta. Efforts are continually being made by all players in the industry, with the backing of the Government, to ensure that the success experienced in the merchant fleet registration is emulated in the yachting sphere. Malta offers quick and efficient importation procedures to owners and operators of commercial yachts together with solid guidelines and regulations that are regularly revised and updated in line with developments in EU legislation and industry practice. Furthermore both commercial and private yacht owners are offered a number of benefits including low registration costs and straightforward registration procedures.

With its vast overall maritime experience, the team of professionals at Fenech & Fenech Advocates are able to advise yachting clients on their immediate yacht requirements by looking at the larger picture for the benefit of the client. Not only are owners provided with what is good for them, the team advises on what is truly the best solution in their particular circumstances, both long term and short term.

Yachting in Malta

Malta is an ideal location for cruising around the diverse Mediterranean whilst highly experienced in the creation of solid legal structures demanded by financiers, owners and charterers alike. These elements make Malta truly a one stop shop for the discerning owner who wishes to choose a stable jurisdiction with a tradition in maritime affairs, which has proven itself in the international arena and which in return for a track record of reliability and unparalleled quality and 24-hour availability of its service providers has been rewarded with the full confidence of the world’s leading maritime financiers.

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