Transport Malta launches its Commercial Yachting Notices


On the 5th of May the Merchant Shipping Directorate of Transport Malta issued its commercial yachting notices (the “CY Notices”). The CY Notices are applicable to all commercial yachts flying the Malta flag and will serve as the main channel of communication to be utilised by the Merchant Shipping Directorate to communicate matters which the directorate wishes to bring to the yachting industry’s attention.

The Merchant Shipping Directorate puts the onus on every yacht owner, operator and manager to bring the CY Notices to the timely attention of all masters and officers engaged on Malta flagged yachts and to ensure compliance therewith.

The CY Notices will be available by accessing the following link:

The CY Notices epitomise the Merchant Shipping Directorate’s commitment to address the needs of the yachting industry and its ambition to continuously optimise its services to suit the yacht industry and its exigencies. Members of the industry wishing to keep abreast with all of the Merchant Shipping Directorate’s latest developments can send an email to to be included in the Directorate’s mailing list.

For further information on ship and yacht registration under the Malta flag please contact Matthew Cassar on email