Update – Malta Covid-19 – Travel Ban

L.N. 42 of 2020 

  • The Superintendent of Public Health published the Travel Ban Order, 2020, by means of which a travel ban on persons to and from the following countries was imposed:  

(a)  Italy 

(b)  Switzerland 

(c)  France 

(d)  Germany 

(e)  Spain 

(f)  China, including Hong Kong 

(g)  Singapore 

(h)  Japan 

(i)  Iran 

(j)  South Korea 

  •  The Superintendent may, at his  discretion,  increase  or  reduce  this  list  by  notice  in  the Gazette. 
  • The Superintendent may also, in his absolute discretion, suspend the provisions of this order, by notice in the Gazette, where, in the opinion of the said Superintendent, the travel of certain persons is deemed to be essential. 
  • Any person who fails to abide by the provisions of this order shall be guilty of an offence and shall, on conviction, be liable to the payment of a penalty for each and every occasion of breach. 

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