Restoration of the Mdina chapel cupola

The Partners and Directors of Fenech & Fenech Advocates and the Fenlex Group were invited to tour the Mdina Metropolitan Cathedral Museum and were very impressed by the rich collection of historical artefacts on display, and by the ongoing efforts to restore the exhibits which were damaged over the years, including by the partial collapse of the Mdina cathedral in the late seventeenth century.

Mindful of the importance of maintaining and restoring Malta’s historical and cultural heritage, and of our duty to contribute towards the preservation of these great works of art so that they can be admired and enjoyed by generations to come, the Fenech & Fenech/Fenlex Group were delighted that their offer to sponsor the restoration of the cupola of the Chapel at the Cathedral Museum was accepted.

We will be following the progress of the restoration works and very much look forward to seeing the cupola and the chapel restored to their original splendour.


The cupola, altar and sotto quadro of the chapel


Dr Ann Fenech presenting the donation to Mgr Aloysius Deguara