Christian practices within the Local Litigation of Fenech and Fenech Advocates. He was awarded a Bachelor of Law degree in 2020 and is expected to complete his Master’s in advocacy degree in 2021. He is currently completing the necessary requirements in order to be admitted to the bar in 2022. Christian also holds a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Science degree from the University of Malta.


Christian is actively working in the field of civil law mainly focusing on the areas of property / real estate, contractual liability, and tort law. He also has a keen interest in administrative, constitutional, and human right’s law. His dissertation at the University of Malta entitled “Procedural Privileges and Ouster Clauses in Judicial Proceedings Against Public Authorities: A critical Analysis” critically analysed immunities enjoyed by certain offices of the state including the President and Prime Minister. The study also critically analysed the privileges government enjoys in litigation against the ordinary citizen in light of human rights.

  • 2021 – Master of Advocacy, University of Malta
  • 2020 – Bachelor of Law Degree, University of Malta
  • 2016 – Master of Science Degree, University of Malta
  • 2012 – Bachelor of Science Degree, University of Malta