Online Course – Company Liquidation and Company Recovery

Fenech & Fenech Advocates is pleased to collaborate with 21 Academy to deliver an online course centred around the topics of Company Liquidation and Company Recovery.  The course will seek to provide attendees with a basic introduction to the topics as a whole and allow them to grasp the concepts of dissolution and the liquidation of companies and the different modes of winding up that may ensue under Maltese Law. The role of the liquidator and that of the Official Receiver and other factors related to the topic of liquidation of Maltese Companies shall also be briefly touched upon during the sessions.

The course will also seek to provide attendees with a basic understanding of directors’ liability in terms of a wrongful trading or fraudulent trading action and the elements of such actions, which could be instituted during the winding up of the company in certain cases.

Finally, the possibility of company reconstructions and namely, the company recovery procedure and what this entails shall also be delved into.

The course will be delivered by Dr Thomas Bugeja and Dr Maria DeBono.

For a full programme and to register please click here.