Dr. Rosanne Bonnici, Tax Partner of the firm, and Dr. Rebecca Diacono, Associate, within the Fenech & Fenech Advocates Tax & Immigration Law team, recently updated the Malta country report within Baker Mckenzie Link – Private Banking Resource to end April 2020.  The Malta report may be accessed on a subscription only basis through this link: https://www.bakermckenzie.com/en/baker-mckenzie-link

The Private Banking Resource is an online database that features a country-by-country review of the key legal and tax issues essential to serving high net worth families in 48+ countries around the world, with more countries currently in development. The Resource includes practical matrices covering the country tax system, the country legal system, developing a tax-efficient portfolio and a per country sample tax disclosure analysis, as well as a suite of eight self-paced, multimedia e-learning training modules covering key international wealth management planning concepts.  For a demonstration with free trial access to the Private Banking Resource, please contact link@bakermckenzie.com.

For more information about Malta’s fiscal regime and other opportunities available to private clients in Malta, please contact Dr. Rosanne Bonnici, Tax Partner of the firm.