International Women’s Day 2019

Ann Fenech Managing Partner on International Women’s Day

“The world today celebrates International Women’s Day. However I’d like to think that at Fenech and Fenech it is Women’s Day every day.

Fenech and Fenech Advocates is the oldest law firm on the island established in 1891. Today it comprises another two organisations – Fenlex Corporate Services and Fenech & Fenech Marine Services. It has been my privilege to be the managing partner for the past 11 years. With us gender does not come into the equation. We merely seek to provide opportunities to the very best professionals who wish to develop their career with us. The fact that 88 out of 120 are ladies does not mean that we have practiced any form of positive discrimination, it merely reflects what we believe in – to choose the best persons for the job. At Fenech and Fenech, we pride ourselves with encouraging our people to reach their professional goals whilst catering for the flexibility required to enable them to raise a family. With a husband and two children today aged 28 and 24 I know only too well the challenges involved in being a full time professional all my life as well as raising a family. I know only too well the importance to the female professional to remain at the work place whilst having a family at the same time. To all the young lady professionals out there I would like to say, the world is your oyster, and don’t let anyone distract you from achieving your objectives, provided you invest in the fundamental building blocks of enthusiasm, energy, determination and discipline. Have a good day ladies.”