Dr. Sarah Rausi from our Tax Law Department was, once again, moderator at the Tax Highlights Conference organised by Society Education, which this year took the form of an online webinar over two mornings, the 17th November 2020 and the 20th November 2020. The conference gave a thorough overview of updates which took place in 2020 on a domestic and international level and also highlighted upcoming changes to take place in 2021.

In addition, Dr. Sarah Rausi and Dr. Rebecca Diacono also had a speaking slot during this conference which was on the topic of: “Personal Taxation – Domestic Considerations” which highlighted, amongst others, personal tax-related matters with a focus on expatriates residing in Malta and the relative recent guideline published by the Revenue on The Remittance Basis of Taxation for Individuals under the Income Tax Act Guidelines, as well as any changes which Covid-19 may have brought about with respect to personal tax statuses.