The first of our series of Webinars entitled Board Meetings – A Lockdown Perspective was held on the 4th June 2020.

The topics of discussion were aimed at providing the audience with practical solutions and considerations which may be implemented at Board level to ensure that Board meetings, held at a distance, can still be effective in practice, while adhering to any constraints imposed by law.

The moderator, Dr. Krista Pisani Bencini , together with Dr. Sarah Grima and Dr. Maria Debono addressed key topics such as Directors’ General Responsibilities, Board Meetings and Practical Considerations to be made in crisis situations. Dr. Sarah Rausi and Dr. Rebecca Diacono explored the tax implications arising from Directors’ meetings. The Webinar rounded off with a Question and Answer Session with Mr. Karl Diacono and Mr. Adrian Mercieca who gave the audience their insight on the topic, drawing on their experience as directors over the past months.

You may view the full webinar here.