On the 24 June 2021, Fenech & Fenech Advocates held its first webinar in the Fenech & Fenech Advocates TMT webinar series Flourish – Let your IP thrive.

This first webinar focused on pertinent issues in the creation of intellectual property, such as employment considerations, use of Open Source Software and considerations in the acquisition of IP.

The discussion was held between Dr Antonio Ghio, Dr Deo Falzon from the IP department at the firm together with Dr Claudio Caruana from GIG and Dr Pauline Debono from Harvest Technology plc.

Major talking points included:

– the Computer Programs presumption in work carried out by employees,
– the risks of unsupervised use of Open Source Software especially in commercialised proprietary solutions, and
– the synergies between the Legal and Software or Creative development departments within entities.

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