Fenech & Fenech Advocates this morning organised a Property Conference at the Chamber of Commerce which was full to capacity. The audience consisted of property owners, tenancy interests, developers, estate agents, notaries, lawyers and bankers and other persons involved in the property chain. Lawyers Edward Debono, Daniel Buttigieg, Karl Micallef, Carl Grech, Sarah Rausi and Rebecca Diacono and Antonio Ghio addressed various topical issues including Co-ownership, Rentals, Public Procurement, Tax and Succession, Property and Blockchain.

In addition there were two panels chaired by Perit Simone Vella Lenicker and Dr. Michael Borg Costanzi discussing Rent laws and Taxation and Succession. The external panellists were Steve Mercieca, Sandro Chetcuti, Reginald Fava, Notary Pierre Attard and Godfrey Leone Ganado.

The attendance and enthusiasm shown by the audience augurs that the Fenech and Fenech Property Conference will be the first of many.