On the 13th September 2021 the Merchant Shipping Directorate of Transport Malta, issued Merchant Shipping Notice 172 addressed to shipowners, ship operators, managers, masters, owner representatives and recognised organisations to inform all concerned that the existing restrictive measures concerning Ukraine, adopted by means of Notices No. 115 and 117 are still in full force. This comes as a consequence of Council Decision 2014/145/CFSP and Council Regulation (EU) No 269/2014 concerning restrictive measures in respect of Ukraine, each of the 17 March 2014. Such restrictive measures have been prolonged until 15 March 2022. The existing restrictive measures include freezing of assets, a ban on availability of funds to listed persons and travel restrictions. Certain ports are also listed in the Council Regulation and commercial transactions with the said ports could therefore contravene the applicable restrictive measures. All concerned parties should therefore familiarise themselves with the measures and ensure compliance at all times.