The application process for a Maltese gaming license is essentially split into three stages on completion of which the applicant is granted a licence to operate online.


First stage – Application: The first stage is the conduct of a fit and proper test on the applicant including an assessment of the personal capacity of the persons involved to carry out gaming activities. The applicant must submit an application for a remote gaming licence and this must include a personal declaration form for each person having a five percent or higher interest in the business operation. Furthermore, the applicant is also obliged to submit due diligence information (including passport copies and bank references). The MGA will also require sight of the proposed business plan of the applicant for its review and approval.


Second stage – Systems Review: Following review of the entire application, the MGA will inform the operator that it can submit its systems to a review, which is undertaken by an MGA approved third party auditor. Following a successful review, the licence is issued by the MGA for a period of 5 years.


Third stage – Post Licence Compliance: Following the successful grant of the licence, the licensed operator will need to undertake a compliance audit within the first year of operation.


It usually takes between 4-6 months for the whole process, but this also depends on the level of preparation of the applicant.