ESG is an emerging area of law that is primarily concerned with sustainable business practices. Over the past decade, a raft of EU and domestic legislation has been enacted that requires companies to conduct their business in more ethically conscious ways. ‘Sustainability’ in this context refers not only to environmental sustainability, but also to economic and social sustainability. In this sense, ESG is concerned not just with environmental factors but also with matters such as diversity, inclusion, non-discrimination, corporate transparency and equitable business management. This area is becoming increasingly relevant and more legislation is expected to be introduced in the short term.


In keeping with these developments, Fenech & Fenech Advocates has formed a dedicated team to advise on all matters relating to ESG. Bringing together experts from various other teams, the firm advises on a wide range of ESG matters – from drafting and implementing ESG-conscious policies and procedures, to assisting companies with their various obligations such as reporting on ESG metrics.


In addition to the above, the firm is also working towards integrating ESG-conscious practices in its own business.