Fenech & Fenech Advocates boasts one of the oldest and longest established dispute resolution practises in Malta. Indeed the Firm owes its origins to the first of four generations of litigation lawyers and has maintained a healthy litigation practise ever since and covering all areas of laws.


Fenech & Fenech Advocates was established in 1891, and particularly in so far as litigation is concerned it is one of the oldest and largest law firms in Malta with no less than seven lawyers (of which four are partners) actively engaged in litigation before the courts and tribunals of Malta.


The Firm’s experience in litigation ranges from cases in constitutional law, public and administrative law, criminal law, civil law including contract law, family law, property law, commercial and corporate law, intellectual property law, consumer law, tax law, and most notably maritime litigation.


Today the Firm has an experienced and astute team of litigators who are active both in local litigation before the courts and tribunals of Malta and Gozo but also enjoy a vast experience in assisting clients in realising the possible potential of other avenues such as out-of-court settlements.


The Firm also engages the services of three in-house legal procurators operating within its various departments and providing assistance with judicial acts filed by the lawyers.


When speaking of dispute resolution most people will immediately think of a battle in court but of course apart from litigation dispute resolution can be achieved through mediation and arbitration.


The Firm also employs the services of a certified mediator with particular training in mandatory pre-separation mediation proceedings in terms of Maltese law. Furthermore, the firm’s litigants are also experienced in local and international arbitrations.