The Competition and EU practice at Fenech & Fenech addresses many significant issues of competition that affect industry today, which is why the Department has invested in expertise in a variety of sector specific areas. The number of transactions, commercial agreements and business practices that have been subject to complex legal review in respect of competition rules has increased over the last couple of years and we have gained particularly strong experience with complex leveraged acquisitions and cross-border transactions across a wide range of industries


The Competition and EU Law Department at Fenech & Fenech Advocates has helped clients achieve their objectives by advising on how to structure deals and contracts in line with competition law requirements, by gaining merger control approvals and by pursuing complaints and legal actions for competition law infringements. Furthermore, the Department, together with the other departments at Fenech & Fenech, has advised clients on a complete range of anti-trust, competition, regulatory and trade issues, including merger control, licencing and distribution, intellectual property, restrictive practices, abuse of dominance, state aid, privatisations and public procurement.


Our clients are companies across the full spectrum of the industrial, commercial and service sectors, as well as Government. The Department has gained the reputation to look beyond the law to the underlying commercial issues at hand, and for this reason clients continue value our service and assistance throughout the projects entrusted to us.