It is impossible to imagine what the world around us would be like if one had to subtract art and culture from it. We would have no “icons”, no masterpieces, and no modern-day legends. The protection of art, artefacts, heritage and the artist is therefore of utmost importance to society.


Fenech & Fenech Advocates offer an all-round service to art collectors, art market professionals, galleries, museums, not-for-profit and non-governmental organisations and artists. The Firm assists commercial transactions, offers dispute resolution, taxation and estate planning, assists art financing, and advises on intellectual property rights and compliance with regulatory requirements. The Art & Cultural Heritage law department also advises on all matters of cultural heritage, whether a scheduled building, or whether a proposed project in/adjacent to a World Heritage Site. We offer expert advice on all matters of cultural heritage law including repatriation and restitution claims, the protection of underwater cultural heritage, treasure trove, and are available to answer all questions you may have in the field.


At Fenech & Fenech Advocates we have the utmost respect for the importance of the artist and the creative process. Producing a work of art is a labour of love, and should be treated as such and protected. We therefore offer tailor-made solutions to our clients in whatever sector of art they are involved in.


We advise on all matters relating to the Creative Industries.


Our department works closely with the Intellectual Property department and gives advice on matters of copyright, including the ownership of copyright, and the administering of copyright for the estates of artists; we also advise what rights an artists has in the case of a third party who makes copies of the artists’ work; we also offer advice on funding, commissioning of works, and can assist in contract drafting for all purposes.


Fenech & Fenech represents art collectors, museums, galleries, artists and their estates. We advise and offer support through every stage of the sale process, with special attention to due diligence, acquiring good title, dispute resolution and compensation when ownership is questioned, and advice on dealing with forgeries.


Being a full-service firm, our team of tax and finance specialists are also available to guide you through your tax liabilities, and benefits, and structuring a cost-effective transaction.


We live in an era where we must not only preserve our cultural heritage but nurture it as it continues to evolve. Preserve what exists yet foster creativity since cultural heritage is not something which exists only in the past.