On the 23rd November 2017 the Malta Maritime Law Association (MMLA) organized a Seminar on New Frontiers in the Maritime Environmental Law Sector. Dr Ann Fenech, who is the President of the Association, chaired the seminar.  She opened up with an introduction to the topic and explained how certain activities such as removing wrecks and ship recycling, gave rise to a number of legal uncertainties and how recent international legislation was addressing these issues. Subsequently, Dr Stephan Piazza gave a concise presentation on Ship Recycling, the relevant international convention and regional legislation on the subject and highlighted some future challenges for the industry.  Dr Matthew Attard was next up and discussed the removal of wrecks as well as the general provisions found under the Nairobi Convention. Lastly, Dr Dulcie Zammit addressed the topical issue of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Ships and highlighted the relevant legislation from an international perspective. Following the presentations, the floor was given some time for questions and finally guests were invited for some refreshments. The conference was very well attended by professionals, people working in the maritime field and also maritime law students.