1st April 2020

The Government of Malta has rolled out a number of financial packages over the past weeks to mitigate against the economic and social impact of COVID-19. This Fenech & Fenech Advocates publication consolidates all financial, employment and social support measures introduced for Malta. Some measures have only been announced by a Government public press call, and therefore the details on eligibility and exclusions are yet to be published. Some of the measures apply limitedly to certain industries that are most hard hit by COVID-19.

CLICK HERE [Financial Aid & Measures Update – CONSOLIDATED – 21st April 2020]

We continue to monitor updates on a regular basis and will update this publication from time to time.

We can assist you with assessing the availability or otherwise of these incentives to your business and employees, advise you as to the legal and tax implications of same, and assist you with the preparation and submission of the relevant applications and forms.

Note: Employers are advised to seek legal advice prior to implementing any measures to mitigate against redundancies (e.g. deductions in wages, lay offs etc) and/or declaring any redundancies.


Should you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us personally as follows:

Rosanne Bonnici, Partner, Head of the Tax & Immigration Law Department on rosanne.bonnici@fenlex.com

Paul Gonzi, Partner, Head of the Employment Law Department, on paul.gonzi@fenlex.com

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