On the 26th May 2021, in Mare Blu Tuna Farm Ltd v Dr. Ann Fenech for and on behalf of the MV Coral Water, the Court of Appeal declared that the claim for the loss of 207 tons of tuna worth over €2 million as a result of a collision was a “fictitious claim.”

Dr. Ann Fenech acted for the Coral Water. The vessel proved that notwithstanding the fact that days after the incident there appeared to be an old tattered net attached to cage no.7, from which according to Plaintiffs 207 tons of tuna allegedly escaped as a result of the collision, in fact on the night of the incident there was no net around the rubber tubing of cage no.7 and thus no fish. The vessel was ordered to pay €15,000 by way of damages caused to the ropes on the perimeter of the fish farm.

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