The Fenech & Fenech Advocates TMT Series – Exploiting IP (2)

The second webinar in the Flourish IP webinar series was held on World Intellectual Property Day: IP and Youth innovating for a Better Future, 26th April 2022.

Various intellectual property considerations for start-ups and opportunities available to youths and young adults were discussed including how to maximise IP value through effective exploitation with insights from our guest speakers which included:

Dr Deo Falzon from the firm with Ms Elizabeth Pulo from JAYE Malta
Foundation and their Startup Programme.

Dr Sarah Cannataci from the firm with Mr Matthew Pisani, Director of Industrial Property Registrations, Malta.

Dr Antonio Ghio from the firm with Dr David Darmanin, co-founder of Hotjar, a Maltese Startup.


Ann Fenech discussing the tragedy of the Costa Concordia

Last week  NET TV put up a special programme on the 10th Anniversary of the tragedy that struck the Costa Concordia. Dr Ann Fenech shared some aspects of the findings of the report on the safety technical investigations conducted by the Italian ministry of infrastructure and transport and gave some insight into the international conventions aimed at reducing the occurrence of these types of casualties.


The sixth in a series of 6 feature videos produced on the occasion of the 130th Anniversary of Fenech & Fenech Advocates.