EU and Regulatory

MGA notifies EU on Skill Games Regulation

11 AUG 2016 Р Following the publication of Subsidiary Legislation 438.10, termed the Fantasy Sports (Exemption) Regulations, the Malta Gaming Authority has established its intention to introduce legislation in order for certain skill games to be regulated. Specifically, the Malta Gaming Authority has announced that the proposed Skill Games Regulations have been notified to the European Commission, as per the process required, in order for the MGA to issue the licensing framework for the regulation of skill-based games, which also includes fantasy sports.

Pending such publication of the skill-games regulations, the Malta Gaming Authority issued a notice to remote gaming operators who wish to set up their fantasy sports operations in Malta in order for these to submit their interests through an ad hoc notification in order for the Authority to be able to closely monitor their operations. Furthermore, the Malta Gaming Authority will also evaluate any potential risks to the players and consumers.

In the meantime, operators offering fantasy sports games who meet certain general conditions applicable under the general law may also voluntarily submit a notification to the Malta Gaming Authority through the form provided in this link, who will then thereby be officially recognised by the Authority.