Ann Fenech re-elected to the CMI Executive Council

Ann Fenech, who has for the last two years served as a member of the CMI Executive Council, was unanimously re-elected to a second term on the said Council during a vote held at the 2017 CMI Assembly on Friday afternoon in Genoa.

Ann Fenech, who also serves as the President of the Malta Maritime Law Association, is the first Maltese person to be elected to serve on the CMI Executive Council.

The Comité Maritime International is the oldest organization in the world that is exclusively concerned with the unification of maritime law and related commercial practices. Founded in 1897, CMI has been responsible for the developing and drafting of most international maritime law instruments over the last century. To this effect, CMI also enjoys observer status at the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Ann Fenech, who also chairs the international working group (IWG) on Ship Financing Security Practices, delivered a presentation at the CMI/AIDIM Seminar, wherein she gave a detailed overview of the work carried out by the said IWG over the last year.

The Conference was very well attended with more than 200 maritime lawyers from all over the globe.





Photos: Ann Fenech delivering her presentation in the magnificent Sala del Maggior Consiglio in Palazzo Ducale in Genoa