The European Maritime Law Organisation organised a very interesting Webinar on Tuesday 18th May  on  the Effect of Covid on the Maritime Industry –  1 year on.

After an introduction by Chairman of EMLO Dr. Vincent Power from AL Goodbody, Camilla Holtse Associate General Counsel at Maersk spoke of Covid 19 and its effects on Box ships; Kirstie Nicholson, Global Competition Counsel at HHP Billiton discussed the effects of Covid and Competition and Cecilia Cavanna an Associate from Studio Legale Mordiglia spoke about how the Cruise line industry has been effected by Covid.

Ann Fenech spoke about judicial sale of ships during Covid as well as the efforts being made by UNICTRAL in relation to the draft Convention on the effects of Judicial Sale of ships which continued with its deliberations notwithstanding the challenges posed by the pandemic during the past 18 months.