Amendment to the Vacation Leave Entitlement

Author: Mattea Pullicino, Associate

By virtue of Legal Notice 59 of 2021 and, the subsequent amendment to Article 8 of the Organization of Working Time Regulations (S.L 452.87), with effect from the 1st of January 2021, when a national holiday or a public holiday falls on a Saturday or a Sunday (‘weekend’), it shall be deemed to be a public holiday for the purposes of entitling any person to a day of vacation leave in addition to the leave entitlement for that particular year.

Therefore, employees who are enjoying a day of rest on a national or public holiday which falls on a Saturday or a Sunday, shall be entitled to an additional day of vacation leave for that particular calendar year.

Going forward employees shall be guaranteed a minimum vacation leave entitlement of 24 days per annum, in addition to an amount of leave days added to that in lieu of national and public holidays that fall on the weekend. The total vacation leave entitlement shall therefore fluctuate up or down on an annual basis.


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