At Fenech & Fenech we endeavour to be socially and environmentally responsible and therefore to lead by example. Our office strives towards integrity and diversity, our team is multi-national and multi-lingual. Why stop there?


We are committed to offering professional legal advice. Our pro bono work covers a broad spectrum of legal areas from family law advice to debt collection advice. Support for our lawyers who provide pro bono advice is a core part of our CSR strategy and an integral part of the development of our people.


Part of the Firm’s Corporate Social Responsibility is to do our bit in minimising our negative impact on the environment by developing ambitious programmes to address issues such as carbon neutrality and the minimisation of waste.


Fenech & Fenech is also involved with a number of official charities. This has proved successful in uniting the firm’s people and engaging them in making a tangible difference to the charity we are partnering.