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The Malta Employment Law Conference 2019


UPDATED – Full Programme (click here) and Application Form (click here) for the 2019 edition of the Fenech & Fenech Malta Employment Law Conference.


The 3rd edition of The Fenech & Fenech Malta Employment Law Conference is a full-day conference which will tackle practical and real-life employment law case-studies, based on the latest legal developments in the field.


The Conference will focus on various aspects including work permits, termination of employment, local GDPR updates, dealing with sexual harassment & long-term illnesses at the workplace, workplace theft, teleworking and other issues.


A panel discussion with high-profile panelists from a management background will debate the thorny issue of “The Role of HR & the Law – How many hats do you wear? ”.


The Conference’s round-table set-up will encourage active discussion between the panelists and conference participants.


MELC is hosted by the Employment Law Department at Fenech & Fenech Advocates – www.fenechlaw.com.




The KSU Careers Expo 2019


With MORE THAN A CENTURY of experience behind us, Fenech & Fenech Advocates is today one of the longest established law firms operating as a full-service firm, recognised as a leader in multiple fields locally and beyond. Fenlex Corporate Services, set up in the 80s, provides professional corporate services ranging from company management, administration, accounting, tax and VAT, residency programmes to regulatory compliance amongst others. Together we share a wealth of experience, yet we are a YOUNG team of highly skilled professionals – Yes, our average age is only 36!


We shall be present at the 2019 KSU Careers Expo between the 5 – 7th March. Meet us on campus and let’s have a chat about your future in legal or corporate services.


For more information contact us on : ff-ontarget@fenlex.com


#BeOnTarget #YourNextMove 🎯


www.fenechlaw.com www.fenlex.com




Past Events


The Fenech & Fenech Property Law Conference 2018


The Fenech & Fenech Property Law Conference was held on the 5 November 2018 at The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry. In this video, the English translation of which can be found below, Dr Edward DeBono gives an introduction to Maltese Rent Laws as well as to the recently published White Paper on the Rental Market.



English Translation:


The White Paper launched by Parliamentary Secretary Roderick Galdes on the 15 October 2018 deals with the property rental market. It is the prelude to the last act of voluminous legislation regarding rentals.


Before 1939, the rental market was regulated by the Civil Code and therefore the legislation allowed for a free market with respect to conditions for rentals of both commercial as well as residential properties.


This White Paper is limited to residential property. Before 1939 there was the liberty to contract according to the parties’ wishes. Because of the Emergency powers of 1939, Chapter 69 of the laws of Malta came into force with the legislator at the time giving the right of relocation to the tenants in the properties. This legislation totally restricted the owners in the manner they could dispose of their properties, since the Property Board could eventually lower the rental from that agreed to by the parties to what was due in 1914. Naturally, owners did not invest in these properties and in 1958 the colonial government introduced the Decontrol Ordinance such that properties that were being built in that period would not be subject to the Reletting Ordinance of 1939.


In time, and specifically because of Act 23 of 1979, the government of the time once more limited the rights of property owners and once more protected emphyteuta and tenants. In 1995 we had a partial liberalisation and rentals after 1 June 1995 were no longer limited by any legislation or obligation of reletting.


Furthermore, with Act 10 of 2009 which came into force on 1 January 2010, the old rentals that were protected by the 1939 Ordinance were allowed gradual increases to their rental prices.
The situation today sees new legislation in 2018 through which, despite decisions by the Constitutional Court, emphyteusis and rentals are once more protected such that owners cannot end residential tenancies.


Today we have this White Paper which aims to find a balance between the rights of owners and tenants and to protect tenants. It is proposing two things: to grant parties the liberty to agree on the period of the rental; or to allow more protection to the tenant with more fiscal advantages for the owner.


At the same time this White Paper is proposing that should the owner need the property for a family member, or temporarily for a relative, or for development of same property into a complex s/he will be able to terminate the agreement with the tenant.


I do not believe this scenario favours the right to contract since it is the contract that should determine the relationship between owner and tenant. Whether this White Paper will achieve its aims remains to be seen but it is clear that it is attempting to achieve social justice for both the owners and the tenants, by protecting their rights.








The Fenech & Fenech IP Forum 2018





The Malta Employment Law Conference 2017




Following the success of last year’s conference, Fenech & Fenech Advocates is organising the second Malta Employment Law Conference on Thursday 7th December 2017. More details to follow.



The Fenech & Fenech IP Forum 2017




The Fenech & Fenech IP Forum was a half-day conference hosted by Fenech & Fenech Advocates Malta on the 26th of June 2017, which dealt with the most current and topical Intellectual Property law issues, with specific focus on Brands, Innovation and Start Ups.


Together with Fenech & Fenech Advocates’ in-house speakers, guest speakers included the Comptroller of Industrial Property, Mr Godwin Warr, from the Malta Industrial Property Registrations Directorate; Dr Therese Comodini Cachia, member of the European Parliament and rapporteur for copyright to the Committee on Legal Affairs (JURI); Dr Sergio Riccardi, senior partner and patent attorney at IPSER; along with a number of Malta based start-up companies, entrepreneurs and branding companies.


The Forum was aimed at entrepreneurs, start-ups, creative professionals, legal professionals, in-house counsel and all those having a keen interest in Intellectual Property developments. The Forum was not solely for people with a legal background, but was open to all.



The Malta Employment Law Conference 2016



On the 30th September 2016, Fenech & Fenech Advocates organised The Malta Employment Law Conference 2016, a full-day training conference, which dealt with the most current and topical Employment Law issues arising in the Maltese law context.


Together with Fenech & Fenech’s in-house speakers, various guest speakers from The Office of the Information & Data Protection Commissioner (IDPC), the Department of Industrial & Employment Relations (DIER), Mr. Joe Farrugia, from the Malta Employers’ Association (MEA), and the National Commissioner for the Promotion of Equality, Ms. Renee Laiviera delivered a number of presentations, giving participants their invaluable and practical insight and knowledge on their respective areas of expertise.


This Conference was aimed at Human Resources Professionals, Managers and Executives, Employers and Legal Professionals interested in the field.


Further information about the Malta Employment Law Conference 2016 can be found here.