Malta has always been a trading post, from the early days of the Phoenicians our geographical position and natural harbours have attracted investors (and invaders) to our shores.


Since 2004 Malta has been a full member of the European Union placing the island at an important crossroads in the Mediterranean. Over the years Malta has constantly developed its services to attract Foreign Direct Investment. The local workforce is well known for the manner in which it adapts to change. In fact over the last 20 years the industrial base on the island has changed completely from one that was dependent on cheap labour (Textile industry) to a more knowledge based industry. Today the bulk of Malta based industries are electronic or pharmaceutical firms with some very big players present on the island.


The Service industry has also flourished and Malta is a fully fledged financial services centre geared to compete within the European Union. It has developed its legislation in line with EU and OECD guidelines and offers some very attractive packages that make working from the middle of the Mediterranean that more attractive.


Malta is also a multilingual country with English widely used as a second language and most people speaking another European Language. In fact in our offices we speak and write Maltese, English, French, German, Italian and Arabic.