A step forward towards employees’ Right to Disconnect

Author: Mattea Pullicino, Associate

This week the European Parliament has voted to adopt a report recommending legislative action by the European Commission on the right of employees to disconnect after working hours.

This landmark vote is a formal recommendation to the European Commission to propose a directive which will require member states to adopt a set of minimum standards that guarantee workers the right to disconnect.

This right to disconnect is based on the notion that as a result of modern-day technologies, employees are being faced with the reality of feeling as though they are always ‘on call’, and must always make themselves available to their employer, even after working hours.

Over the past year this notion has further been heightened as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic which saw a number of employees working from their homes.
Through this legislation, employees will also be able to request fair compensation and, have the right to be protected when enforcing their rights, and this in order to ensure they do not face negative consequences.

We look forward to seeing further developments on this front!


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